That is still secret

I have contact during and after Warm Fair held in the previous Tailort, received a visit and after a lot of customer contact,
Also we have been running low muffler or leggings!
We have been and stock lasts planning and so we become very popular.

Everyone, Please come to a store early tail.

Warm climate in Hanoi recently, it has been very stable.
Come and sweltering heat that is much I can not imagine now also from the climate of the future
We continued mild weather.

Also in our shop, how you tailor your suit to be worn a little thin fabric of the spring and summer that we have been increasing.
In Tailort, so confident that the quality of the fabric anyway, even just come to make sure the skin smooth,
I think there is worth a stop.

Super fabric material that is also used in certain Japanese luxury tailor, is valuable in Vietnam,
Just hard to get any thing.

Reborn in such suit fabric at $ 299, you can go to anywhere in the world
Honed to suit because he is not ashamed of, it is a surprise.

That is still secret, with the cutter and of our superior sewing technology
I think a large force of Vietnamese staff.
For the first time in their professional work are always amazed really.

We Japanese are the best service to our customers,
Vietnamese staff is the tailoring of the best products,
By providing each of us, it is realized that space is surely to satisfy our customers.

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