Today is Sunday!

Today is Sunday!
There is also a holiday, a lot of customers
Gave me come to Tailort!

Customers who have come to receive your tailored suit,
Go back and see him with a smile, will be very happy to here!

Today, seven years old and 6-year-old girl was tailored suit your dress fabric has been visiting.
When I wear in the recital of piano, a lovely figure was very pleased now to smile here.

Today, we had a lot come for New Customers!

But I want to buy a suit, a little to buy in Vietnam. . . And
There are more like to have to finish sewing and anxiety.

Your feelings is not even do not know, we hand how Vietnam is very skillful,
Because it has a superior technology to fine sewing, the machine of mass production can not afford,
Has become possible to realize tailoring of the suit is comfortable to wear three-dimensional image.

Tailort suit, especially fabric of the suit not only good,
They be allowed to measuring the parts of your body finely,
It is very adapt to the skin up tailoring.

The higher threshold in their own country is a little tailoring of the suit. . . To those who are considered, the
Is no doubt that it is just a dream and tailors!

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