Bespoke Tailor Tailort

Hello! We are a Bespoke Tailor Tailort.
Here we were open to Hanoi, Vietnam, the tailor shop "Bespoke Tailor Tailort" to provide a tailor-made suit in earnest.

In our shop, we will provide balance between the pattern and made a full order, a semi-full order suit.Here, in Hanoi, Vietnam does not have most of us re-tailor to tailor your clothes.In other shops, it has been fairly limited services provided.We like for the person you live overseas, we provide at a low price, high quality suits of England just like Taylor home in Vietnam.

Customers can enjoy more of the usual business style by this.Suitable for your body, tailoring suits and stylish fashionable has become possible.Vietnamese people is hand dexterity, is famous as an excellent human resources in the world sewing techniques.We have adopted the highly skilled staff are carefully selected through a rigorous examination of them.If the office is to be annexed to our workshop and that require a re-tail back of your suit, you can support us again soon. Our shop will available to local people and travelers.

Our shop is "We offer a place of healing of adult man" we have the concept, the.Appearance is just like cafe, the shop has welcomed in a classic interior is a profound feeling.When you come, please use the shop if you come to Hanoi, Vietnam.
We will surely satisfy tailoring your suit!

Bespoke Tailort Tailort
~ Taylor ~ authentic Hanoi, Vietnam
ADD 5 Tay Ho, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam
TEL 0437191575
TEL 01205379033
MAIL tailort@suit-ya.com