New British Model

We have been the keynote tailoring to suit the design of our original Tailort called New British Model.
A combination of soft comfort in the trend of the Italian "English style silhouette that is built" New British Model, is a model that works with the world's business scene.

To comfort and silhouette are open from the beginning is very popular,
That combines the technology to tailor your staff in the model here are aligned is also the pride of our shop.

In addition, we and our customers can of course bring your own fabric, tailoring let me!
Are also well received by the bringing of the fabric tailoring,
And is often revived as a new suit or dress dough is no longer much I left on Yawa, inspiring us get the word from our customers.

Please bring it to our shop to come If you have any fabric that has become too much like the wardrobe in the manure.
We are sure that we will tailor your shirt or a nice suit, satisfied!

Vietnam is a treasure trove of fabric no matter how you look at it! So cheaply-available and all kinds of dough is going to market,
If you want to enjoy the most and might actually be good idea to first look at the dough from looking fashionable.

Please come here to peek also, of course, so we will offer high-quality fabric of suit fabric also boasts of our shop.
We look forward to a nice offer unique imported fabrics!

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