new staff

To Tailort today has a new staff joins.Young Vietnamese girl that speak both English and Japanese, is Mr. Thu.

How cute is very honest and gave me the job done Good luck today on the first day while tension.So that good at business and personal computers, is expected to large activity in the future! ! !

Our shop system be able to have to clean very important, always greet customersLocate the spare time, but staff has been cleaned,Thu I was worked hard to clean the interior with a powerful movement in diminutive.

Is a very energetic girl is also very good at English and Japanese, cute smile.
Today was able to speak with customers in the first day of attendance! And was very happy.

So always ask them to office work in the office, who may meet is very lucky? !

Well, today we visit our customers Otsutome the Embassy of the term,I received two order a shirt.

How is it here that I have been regulars also order what the shirt wearing suits and the other,Recently, it has been heard back from the purchase of our staff overseas in fact,Whether the dough is something good in stock, or stop by I saw.

Now, the fabric of the shirt shop is a point of what has newly arrived,It is decorated on the shelf at the back end of the road to our catalog containing the colorful fabric of the shirt.

It may make a nice distraction because each and every hue,Because the fabric of things for our customers one point, I'm lonely I can not buy. . . Lol

Everyone is made a shirt with a nice fabric is so much envy!Because what a point, at the time of purchase, in your early everyone! ! !

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