suit as uniform

Light rain in Hanoi today.
But the other day was a warm Indian summer, the cold has gone suddenly reverted.

Today to disturb you in the company of Malaysian companies that want to create a uniform,
I was allowed a meeting such as the person in charge and design.

Very nice company, clean spacious've just been overwhelmed.
Is also very fashionable person in charge was very hard to choose the design and fabric of the uniform.

The shop was and will be more than happy to offer uniform suit as lots of companies
Because there is proven
If anyone with a person who has your interest
It all means please contact us.

I think that there is a cohesive feel like you have all of that as a company and look at the fabric suit is, of course, also lead to the mosquito for branding as a company, to make a unified and uniform is significant.

We also, suit of their products has become uniform, and it is their poster boy, are you let me guide you through the tailoring of the suit to our customers.

We often need you to say "I wanted to look nice so tailoring" "design" I say dough is the same as you ", this is very well received.
If you can think, I've made a little bit better suit us, so that is so happy.

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