Smoking shirt

Today, customers who want to make Smoking shirt has been online.
I wear a dress code seems at a birthday party,
Because some 192cm tall, was that there is no size that fits easily.

Our shop, because it is equipped with semi-full order,
Of course you are granted your request there is a problem does not fit your customers and ready-to-wear, the system!
You want to tailoring a suit and clothes! The customer that, please come to our Tailort means.

Surely, you should be able to feel the comfort suits and shirts, the clothes do not ever!

Incidentally, Smoking shirt and gave orders to our customers this time,
Dressy shirts that were pleated in the front part of the shirt, formal.

Will often match the tuxedo shirt here.
In addition, it is more formal attire in a bow tie and suspenders combined with that called the fly.

Come more so the coming season, ceremony and party, and many customers have a request and said,
There are many stores that will be filled with customers who wish also measuring and tailoring shop.

There is no shop is closed Sun, weekdays, We will be open until 8 pm from 10 am to holiday together.
Come, please come to your time it is convenient for you.
We look forward to your visit you.

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