the Spring Fair

Today was the day a little humid.

In our shop, towards the Spring Fair, We prepare a plan and a variety of new products!Spring soon! So, half pants for shorts and golf,Dress polo shirts and jackets etc., of hemp material. . .

New product planning is packed with far too rich to introduce yet!So that days can be introduced soon, we will be your best staff! ! !
Well, is "a copy of the design" a lot of inquiries recently,Whether you bring it to the store (such as suits and shirts) real here,And who bring a photo so you can see where well designWe will inform you whether or not the support received.Who have a better life, such as suits and shirts,Is recommended because it can adapt the design as much as possible.

In addition, we have been sufficient as a reference even if you have received and magazines.But will be required to consult, design, etc. If you have any you want to tryPlease feel free to tell us.

The other day, and I want you to copy the size of the suit tailored in Japan, has been visiting customers with a suit.Sewing in a suit of very beautiful, and sleep if you work hard to tailor a suit in excess of this quality also in our shop,I think that was contracting again.

If you check your your precious suit,The shop also tailored suit, Na and hope you like this important to wearI feel keenly.

The shop is the tailoring suits, Come, We hope you patronize ! ! !
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