eat the dog

Sun was a calm and pleasant in Hanoi today is a very! ! !

When the sun comes out, I hope Yappari feelings!Warm wind, I have finally approaching spring. . . If you feel that.

In Japan, spring is the season it to the cherry blossoms, here in Vietnam Do you think there is a spring event of something.Less than one year because I do not still living in Vietnam, I do not know anything. . .

If you are living abroad, there are events and festivals land that land,And be felt the taste of local, there is an event thatAble to meet and enjoy close contact with the community,Reached the milestone of ... Can you really fulfilling season.
Speaking as soon as I came to Vietnam, and was surprised habit, what to eat the dog. . .Go immediately to come to Vietnam, and, because the turn of the monthTo know the implications, such as eating in Yakuyoke, was very surprised.

Partly curiosity, I who deliciously,That was kind of peculiar taste of smell.Since I have a dog in the home,I also felt a sense of guilt, such as slightly painful. . .It was delicious is true, the other, and is good at a time. Lol
Not only food, in Vietnam there was a day or female,I feel there was a day of teacher or, as is the very important events and seasonal celebrations.
And environment in Japan is different, against the guests from all over the worldI feel we can work again, and I wish a very happy thing.

That aside, many have become for us to fabric spring and summer!Vietnam is now so warm during the day much spend in light clothes, even on requestHas increased steadily.
Stock of the fabric of our spring and summer is just around the corner, so,I moment, please.
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