Here recently, in the season of graduation ceremonies, parent-child suits in company in Hanoi
Is very large customers that are tailoring!

Graduation ceremony in Hanoi, formal dress code, so that does not,
While keeping the basics, everyone has been tailoring a suit with their own personality.

Arriving something, the color matching and coordination from Europe
Is the situation very well, I have more that allow me to learn a lot.

Formal navy suit, shiny
In accordance with the lining of red, like a chief, patterned silk,
I will be coordinating the suit also such that the lid is also habit idiosyncrasy.

It is wonderful because they became any combination!

Junior high school children, from kindergarten to university, each
How to be dressed according to the ceremony Xinzhou, is very large.

I wanted to create a suit that child's parents to
I think it is handed down, will be feeling very envious!
For the ceremony, I get tailoring suits and dresses,
Ne happy.

I also think the Xinzhou the suit soon, and you try to change the mood.

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