Tailored Shirt

In order to realize that the comfortable feel and satisfy our customers, we will offer shirt fabric 100% cotton in Thailand Bespoke Tailor Tailort.

Are rated highly in the world cotton is produced in Thailand, and very good feel for the density of very fine cotton.

Thai cotton fabrics are available in our shop are two types of system system blue and white.
The type of stripe-like thing to light blue to red, etc. is given from the ones that contain the simple shadow stripe blue and white also said to bite people.

Shell button option fee would normally be necessary that you purchase can be provided free of charge at the same time as the suit! Shell button item is a fashion taste increase gloss out more you use it for natural materials, the stylish shirt is indispensable.

The combination of the finest cotton in Thailand and shell button, it should give you more fashionable shirt style everyday!

In customers that are tailoring your ever in our shop, "in addictive, not tired dough is also moving around next-to-skin" etc., "and less likely to wrinkle because it is solid fabric Yet 100% cotton", We we receive a large number of your voice.

If you are interested come out, but please try the tailoring of shirts in our shop.

Bespoke Tailort Tailort

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