have a nice weekend guys!

Sometimes today that Saturday, we had a lot of customers visit us!

The store is opening soon entered the fourth month.

We also use a lot of our customers quickly, as long as Ne is really appreciated.

Toward the apartment in front of us, I think that many who came.

Thank you very much.

Yappari, be left in peace to store and re-tailoring of your clothes'm little,

And, I was told today from our customers.

I can feel again I was glad to have received and I Na available Tailort with confidence.

Today, as part of the Warm Fair, I was allowed to offer in the muffler or scarf and OFF 40%.

Muffler in place of $ 38 is usually very good and next-to-skin, it can also be used to the coming season,

Is not they can offer at $ 22!

Do not miss this opportunity very affordable!

Since the sale will be held tomorrow secret

The fun part! Come from! ! !

Saturday and Sunday, so the services provide drinks,

It is pleasing to many customers.

And have drinks and snacks out in the yard,

Like a party! They came with their children,

Will be a very lively scene.

It will be helpful If you have any requests I want to drink drink

Please let us know.

So, I please spend a good weekend.

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