Valentine's Day.

Today is Valentine's Day.

In Japan this is a Sun or a man who confessed to the woman, presented him with a chocolate or,
In Vietnam, so it is not man-days of a man to confess to the woman.

To Tailort today, give a gift for a lover, a lot of customers coming
I went to cuffs and neckties are purchased, and business goods.

Say in, and you want to gift him a shirt,
Some customers were to be present the gift card!
Ne is wonderful.

In our shop, depending on the products you want to present our customers, We will be presented with a gift card.
Suit, such as sentence sentence sentence-shirt suit for $ 199, $ 299, $ 49,
Some products you want to tailoring of your stay, it can then continue to create a gift card
I Please feel free to tell us.

Here, I started the service name from Christmas,
Was very popular!

Kata and the other is busy, not quite come to the measurements to store,
Was very popular to customers and say, you want to give a surprise gift.
Thank you very much.

This done, or have chosen while enjoying the present,
Suit and shirt can not wait to finish! If you look at me and said
Feeling will be very warm. . .

If Everyone, please spend a nice Valentine's Day.

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