It was really glad.

Today, Vietnam is going back a little chill in the air, is Hanoi.
I received a lot of customers also visit us today.Thank you to visit us in today, the way of fashion lecturer at the University of systemDid you travel.
Seems to come from your own is the United Kingdom, It is said that the study of fashion design students to teach in Hanoi.
Shop, ranging from an assortment of interior and fabrics, and, as Taylor was surprised at home just like the UK,I received your words indescribably happy.
In Vietnam, I have provided at a low price is also quite hard to get those fabricsI have a great service! I received over the voice and feel free to.
That he was particularly interested Among them, the "shoulder pad" and "interlining" put in the suit.I got the sub-materials to be fine so beautiful in Vietnam, that I'm amazing! AndI will say.
The difference between the fabric and buttons are easy to understand in general customers,That the interlinings and shoulder pads to meticulousPride ourselves on keeping an eye, we have really impressed.
Your own is like have a formal designer suit,
Here, or'm making a sample of the suit for the student to procure materials in Hanoi.
So that it enters the hand is limited,It can compete with those imported and would be great,I can say!
It was really glad.
Without having to treat the words of praise still,We will continue to gain devoted staff! !

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