Hug Your Customer

I have often read it because I love books autobiography, it was interesting to read most recently is a book called Hug Your Customer. In Vietnam, it is very valuable opportunity to get a book and also read that I got from people to lend. Hug Your Customer is in the suburbs of America, has been tailor shop practice, stories of service to our customers.

Thorough spirit of service, there is also something to emulate in our shop, was very thought-provoking. You should read to everyone not only serve as an example of the many tailor shops, involved in the hospitality, which is this very study.

Also in our shop, although it is still undetermined, the plan has willingly tries to start the services offered coffee. Yappari I think, and I want to will not only taste between a suit to offer products that are listed in our shop, the coziness.

Since our shop looks like a cafe, but often can also be wrong sometimes, I feel at home even has a little to customers who visit, and, if you heal the fatigue of the day-to-day.

I look forward to the day can provide you with coffee soon!

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