new items

Hanoi was a warm day today, and pleasant.

Became so busy with Okagesama also shops,
Today because of the lack of recruiting new staff,
I went in search of the city.

Young girls of Hanoi, the style is fashionable and well,
It is enviable!

It was still a teenager or even when they appear mature, will be surprised.
Around the cafe and hair salon, a lot of talking to girls,
It was all very honest and gentle.

I think the opportunity work in the Japanese company, speak with our customers to work and not quite foreign,
Also a child of the student, the world, I want the challenge of working here.

From now on, do they come to interview any person, to throb. . . .

Well, the manager of our shop we have been bought back from overseas!
Since we stock a lot of new items,
Unpack fast, does not collect I wanted to introduce to you!

In particular, tie and cuffs were of requests from everyone,
We will be so many new products in stock
Come, please come to see.

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